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Ninanauk Cattery History

We started in January 2004 with buying a Red Tabby Blotched Exotic Male Cat, named Ares
(Callingname: Garfield) born in september 2003.

Garfield is just like the comic hero.... very lazy except when there is something to eat. He preferable would live inside the fridge.

One week later his twin brother Alecto (Callingcame: Mischka) came joining us. Mischka is a little more on his own than Garfield.

In August that year we bought our first Female. A red/white exotic Arabella Corrie's (Callingname: Mara). Born in May 2004. She is a really naughty, more than the 2 males together.

In May 2005 we bought our 2nd female, Timelss Candy. Candy is a black exotic.

Early December 2005 our first Persian joined us from Germany, Grace Jones von Oskaburg (Callingname: Crazy). Crazy is a Black Smoke Persian Female.

End december 2005 arrived our 1st Russian cat. This Brown Tabby Persian, Denise Black Pearl (Calling-name: Donja) we bought in Russia and had we fly in.

Now, we have our second Russian Persian...: Xusha and our second German cat...: Bijou.
Also we started our second generation: Elista (daughter of Donja), Jasmijn (daughter of Candy).
And third: Orchidee (daughter of Elista) and Naomi (daughter of Bijou)

Our males are: Garfield and Amaretto.

We find it very important that our cats are happy. The females "retire" after about 5 litters and go a nice new family to enjoy their retirement.

See our Cats section for pictures and more information.